Ronit BenShir photo

Ronit BenShir

Early Learning Director

I was born in Israel and lived there for 28 years before arriving in Boston 20 years ago with my husband. I was always fascinated by art and received a BA from Haifa University in Art History and Early Childhood.  My passion is empowering personal expression through art and I have incorporated that value in my work in early childhood education for 22 years. Nature and Art have guided my educational approach.  Balancing work, family and my spiritual life has also been part of my daily life. Restorative nutrition, daily yoga, swimming, being part of nature, and adopting alternative healing approaches are a way of life for me. When I was introduced to Mandala, I felt and “ahha” moment. My love for Art and Spiritual Balance came together. As I researched and explored the Art of Mandala, I began seeing Mandalas everywhere, in nature, art and everyday objects.  Studying the history of Mandala and discovering the Mandalas that exist in many traditions, everything made sense: The Circle of Life, the Circle of the Year, the Space and Circle of Friends that are part of our life. I would love to help others awaken to the art and depth that Mandala can bring to your life the way it brought meaning to mine.